Google Play Redeem Codes (Today)- Get Rs140/- Code Free

Are you searching for free Google Play Redeem Codes? This is the right place to grab Rs140/- to Rs1,000/- and enjoy premium apps, games, music, movies, and more.

Understanding your need, we have provided the most accurate and useful Google Play redeem codes only for you. With the help of these codes, you can buy and Subscribe to many things for free.

Google Play Redeem Codes

All codes provided in this guide can be used to Redeem codes in games like Free Fire, PUBG, Battle Grounds Mobile India, FAUG, and Coin Master. Additionally, we have added offers available to get Google Play vouchers, and how to redeem them in your account procedure.

Redeem Codes for Google Play Store App

Firstly, the Play Store redemption code is a 12-digit gift voucher issued by Google. You can use these Google Play Redeem Codes to buy all digital items available in Google Play Store. Such as buying any paid app, game, or in-app subscription, buying a movie license, watching movies for rent from other people, paying for mobile games, and purchasing any book from Google My Book.

Google Play Redeem Codes

The question must have come to mind: can’t Google take direct money from people for this? Let us tell you; this is a gift card that you can buy and give to your friend, dear brother, family, and anyone else as a gift. You can even provide for your dear one’s wedding, birthday, and anniversary.

But you have not come here to know about gift cards. Do you mean Google Play Redeem Codes? That’s why, without worrying you so much, let’s directly provide you with some useful coupons.

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Recently Updated Google Play Redeem Codes for Today

We have provided a list of more than 20 Google Play Redeem Codes according to your wishes. You can use this code without any hesitation. When the voucher stops working, we immediately remove it from our platform and put in a new one. So, you redeem all the codes one by one.

  1. EP29-RLAR-7ESN-Y4ZV
  2. 5MN3-PS29-1CXU-52WU
  3. MVPA-7C8F-79YW-C6KF
  4. 79YW-C62K-MVPA-7C8F
  5. HJD7-JSLL-UI79-8DHH
  6. 4RJ3-8KU2-XEFJ-AE64
  7. NOPP-7NSD-HN55-56LQ
  8. I2L5O-V9E5-YOUP-U5JA
  9. A3BH-7K4L-AWXG-J5G6
  10. GY78-PO9N-766B-PPU0
  1. HY5G-6W1W-7RRE-ZEVH
  2. AGAC-BC9Z-529S-T1UV
  3. A1HR-28VM-UFUJ-4N2S
  4. 817G-L10J-SR3X-W8VX
  6. A06Y-29ZH-YPN2-RKD1
  7. 4V9C-CUVM-A7FJ-SC8Y
  8. HF3H-TS73-PDYS-49ZD
  9. 4ELP-NU8M-TKM1-GK6C
  10. BZV9-G4TG-JKWV-B1G3

If any code works with success, after that, you can use that credit balance to buy anything. Here are your favorite Google Play Redeem Codes.

  1. 5S4DRT6YU8IO78IK (₹.150) (Added 20 July 2024)
  2. LKJIU89IKOI9KAS5 (₹.60) (Updated 19 July 2024)
  3. HYUJU8IKIOLO9S4 (₹.80) (Newly Added 20 July 2024)
  4. BVJH7YUJI9OLOI8 (₹.30) (Added on 18 July 2024)
  5. HBGTY7JMKI812DC (₹.60) (Added for 17 July 2024)
  6. SJH7KLOIUYTGHY7 (₹.320) (updated 19 July 2024)
  7. HD6YHJU8IKIO0KS (₹.280) (Available for 20 July 2024)
  8. HGTGHYJUKILOIU7 (₹90) (Added for 17 July 2024)
  9. HBGTHYJUIKJ4J (₹180) (Added on 18 July 2024)
  10. HJU7UIKI8U7YT65R (₹200) (Updated 19 July 2024)

If none of these codes works and the Already Redeemed error appears, don’t be sad. Let us tell you that many people come to this page daily, which is why some coupons have expired due to more frequent use. To get a new Google Play Redeem Codes, please enter your name and email address below. We will try to send you a new code soon.

Google Play Codes for PUBG Mobile and BGMI

  • HR2EL74M0NM469P3: M24 Gun Skin Redeem Code PUBG
  • 7D8NUP2X73GWMB8C: Free UC balance, redeem code
  • EBPNHHR11963F46E: PUBG Mobile Gift Card Code
  • 7LN3LFT2X8561TG1: Use this code to Get Free UC
  • EFHHNDFX6S89EFUD: Top Up your PUBG

More Codes Are Available on PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Page

Free Fire Google Play Redeem Codes for February 2024

Google Play Redeem CodesValue

More Codes are Available in Free Fire Redeem Code 2024 List

How to Use Redeem Codes in Play Store

People can quickly get valid Google Play Redeem Codes but do not know how we can redeem them. Then you have to follow the guide below to claim your code in your play store.

Step-1: First, you need Google Play Redeem Codes for the entire. We have provided a list of Google Play Free Redeem Codes in this post. Before proceeding to the Redemption process, you should copy one code.

Step-2: After taking the code, open your Google Play Store app on your phone. After that Sign in to your Google Account using your E-mail Address.

play store redeem code

Step-3: Then, click the Side Menu of the App> then the Payment and Subscription section.

Gogle Payment method

Step-4: After that, click on the “Redeem Gift Code“. A new pop-up window will appear on your phone screen where you have to paste your Google Play Redeem Codes.

Google Play Redeem code free

Step-5: Now press the Redeem Now button to claim the entire reward.

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How to get Free Google Play Redeem Codes?

You already know that no one loves to pay any amount for apps or anything else but what if you could earn a free Google Play Redeem code?

You can either win a redeem code as a reward or a bonus for doing multiple tasks or things.

However, you can use different methods to get a free Play store Gift voucher.

There are several methods to get a Google Play gift card free. You can use different earn money methods as well as Google Play Redeem Code hacking tricks. But we recommend you to follow the earn money methods. Because it is safe and secure for you.

Flat Rs.300/- Voucher on Google One Subscription

Now you can get flat Rs.300/- Google Play Redeem Codes voucher for free from Google One Subscription. Let us explain the details. Google Play has come up with a unique Google One service. Using this, you can get straight 100GB of Google Storage for 1-year. You can use this storage for Gmail, Google Photos backup, Google Drive File Sharing, etc.

The cost of the 100GB Google One subscription is Rs.1300/year. But you can use Times Prime Subscription to claim these benefits free of cost.

google one subscription

Once you enroll yourself in the Google One Subscription for the first time, you will receive a Google Play redeem code worth Rs.300/- for Free. You can claim and use it anywhere without any restriction.

Use Rs.140 Google Play Promotional Code

As you do not know that the Play Store is giving flat Rs.140 off to some specific people who ate using the play store. If you are eligible for this offer, you can check by clicking the Notifications and Offers on the Profile icon to see the suggestions. In this, you will see “Just for you Rs.140 credit balance” in your play store account, which you can use to purchase any app. Also, we have added some Free Rs.140/- Codes for you. Grab them as soon as possible.

Rs.140 Google Play Promotional Code
  • 8EPUY42NKMY7P09X
  • 812G7T5VU07NDUBT
  • B7A9HP5B04XH4FKT
  • 2218914298557835

Mobikwik up to ₹75 Free Gift Card

As you know, Mobikwik is one of the official Google Play Gift Card selling platforms in India. You can generate verified and 100% workable Google Play Codes for your Games. But let me explain how you can get up to Free ₹75/- gift card for free.

Mobikwik up to ₹75

The first thing you should know is that Mobikwik is giving flat Rs.75 cashback by referring any friends to Mobikwik UPI. To get your referral code, open your app and scroll down to the trending offers section. Now click on the Referral banner and click the check eligible contact button. Then select your contact and click the send button. It will automatically send your referral link to your friend.

Once your friend joins Mobikwik and makes his first UPI transaction, you will get ₹75/- in your wallet. The next thing you can do is Click Here and purchase the Google Play Gift card using the Mobikwik Blue card.

Amazon UPI 100% Cashback offer

Amazon Pay UPI is now very popular. You can check this offer by visiting Amazon pay and clicking on the rewards section to see the rewards.

If You want to Get a Free Wallet Balance; Follow Amazon Free Gift Card Generator

Free $5 Google play code with Opinion Reward

$5 Google play code

The Google Opinion Reward App is also a product of Google. This app is a great application that helps you get a reward point in your google opinion account. You can win free play credits by completing the various surveys. Then, you can you this credit to get free Google play redeem codes.

Also, you can redeem the opinion rewards point to purchase a 5$ Google Redeem code for free.

Use Google Play Redeem Code Generator

The Play Store Voucher code is generated by Google only. So, using any type of Play Store redeem Code generator App or method will not help you a lot. Third-party applications like Feet Apart and Steepest may collect your data. It’s safe not to use these applications.

As there is no option to Hack Google play Gift card codes. So, you should try different earning money techniques to generate unlimited Play store Redeem codes. Read More Click Here

Wrap out on Recharge codes

If you want free credits in your Google Play Store account, you can use the above redeem promo code. It will act as credit in the play store, which will help you to purchase many things from the play store. Before using the promo codes, you should see how we can redeem this promo code on Google play. If you are unable to redeem the code, then you can comment below

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FAQs- Free Google Play Redeem Codes

How can I get a free Google Gift card code?

You will find the Google Play Gift Card or redeem codes in this post. Also, you will get a daily new redeem code according to any new regulation that comes into the market. We also have shared many promo codes for Free Fire and PUBG Games.

What do you understand about Google Play Redeem Code?

Google Play Redeem code helps you to purchase game items, an application subscription, and lots more from the play store. You can use this redeem code as your payment method in the google play store.

How to Generate Play Store Gift card free?

There isn’t a single method to generate an unlimited Play Store Redeem code. If you use any tool to create the code, this code will not work in your google play store account as it will show an invalid code. So, use the code which I have given on this website

How to hack Google Play Store Redeem code?

As we know, Google plays store is the product of Google itself, one of the most secure networks. It is difficult for you to hack any promo code. You can also see that several websites give you different hack tricks. But trust me, these tricks are of no use to hacking Google Play Redeem Code

How to get a free Rs.140 promo Code free of cost?

Yes, you can get an Rs.140 promo code free of cost. You just navigate to the Offers section of the Google Play account. There, you can find the Free Rs.140 redemption code.

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