PUBG Redeem Codes December 2021 Free: Get Unlimited UC Codes

Most of the PUBG Mobile users are searching for PUBG Redeem Codes free. Game lovers always try to upgrade their Characters, Weapons, Guns, and Skins. Because they have to defeat their opponent in the game, some premium items are needed for the battleground war. For which you need UC Redeem Codes.

Here in this post, we have described some exclusive techniques for getting PUBG Promo codes free. Again, you will get to know How to redeem Pubg Mobile Codes 2021. In the last section of this post, we have some special surprise Redeem Code for PUBG Mobile is waiting for you. Hence, I request you not to skip any paragraph of this post.

PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes December 2021

PUBG Mobile is a battleground e-gaming platform developed by PUBG Corporation. Soon after its launch, it gained a massive amount of popularity across the globe. Players started using its in-game currency UC balance. If anyone wants to purchase Guns, Characters, and Skins, then he can only use PUBG Mobile UC redeem code balance.

PUBG Redeem Codes 2021

As per the gaming system, you cannot use individual PUBG Character voucher Redeem codes for any purchases inside the game. You are bound to use UC Top-Up Balance. Again, UC balance is available only through the Top-Up method. But every player does not have a passive income to do regular Top Up for gaming.

We understand your problem. Along with PUBG Mobile 2020 Redeem Code, we have described 100% working coupon codes for free emotes and free Royal pass trick 2020-21. So, without testing your patience, let us jump to the main topic.

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How to get Unlimited Working UC Balance Codes?

Looking at the vast demand for PromoCode, we have decided to provide you PUBG Mobile Popularity code for free every month. So that you can redeem them in your account and purchase Sara Characters redeem codes for free.

Friends note that all the redeem codes for PUBG available here are collected from the official PUBG Mobile company. There is some limit regarding its usages. If you fail to claim any code, you must revisit this page tomorrow for a new verified PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes.

Here is some Free UC Redeem Code For PUBG Mobile available for you.

Free Redeem CodesRewards
GE9WNJEUTC6MD3S7Redeem code for Royal Pass
DGPBEP051LC5VKJLAndy Character Promo code
284GCNE58PBKH9V5PUBG Free Character Voucher Code
DGPBEP051LC5VKJLM24 Gun Skin Redeem Code
4R8ZH8BN22025U74600 UC redeem code
1JZSKYGVRU58ESM416 Gun Skin Redeem code
DNS9LA0AY34RRedeem coupon for Carlo Character
N43UA2X7KY8ARCGlacier M416 Redeem code
5N4K9DJRSpecial Elite Pass Coupon code
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Verified Working Redeem Coupon of December 2021

  1. T52U0J62373A: Royal Pass Redeem Code
  2. 72FU64MT: 10K PUBG Popularity coupon
  3. JR77T52U0: Blood Raven’s Redeem Code
  4. HGHT71XN: Free 1200 UC Redeem code
  5. AXPRATMW: Victor Character Voucher code
  6. KKW1UJXGJ9: Kar98K Skin Voucher Redeem code
  7. CC0EV7K: Free Buggy Skins Redeem Code
  8. 9Y8KZJYC3UE: Games kharido redeem code
  9. 9FZ6LF6ZN65: M416 Gun Skins coupon code
  10. HGHT71XN72FU64MT: Free Google Play Redeem Code 2021 for PUBg Mobile

PUBG Redeem Codes for PC 2021

Now the mobile games are being played on PC and Computers. For those who are playing the PUBG game using PC, here are some special codes for them.

  1. HJGSJGK5: PUBG for PC free Coupon codes
  2. JKGS44HH: 1200 free UC balance Redeem code
  3. JR77T52U0J62373A: Free PUBG Mobile Top UP Voucher
  4. 2JFRBZBENAJW65MM: PUBG Coupon code 2020
  5. CC0EV7KKW1UJXGJ9: Playstore Voucher Code for PUBG 2020-21
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PUBG Mobile Last Month Codes

  1. BTLLL444XF5: Special Dynamo Set Redeem Code
  2. Z6LF6ZN65: Veteran Promo code
  3. HKLJSYFGKJJ: Shotgun 6 redeem Code
  4. RSYTFSW98: Blood Raven X Suit with this Redeem Code
  5. JHMFHGKFHVH: Get Free Special Hair with Beard
  6. YTEDYTRFH: Free LMG 100% Working
  7. UJHKFGSFDGU: Code To Get Free Plane Skin
  8. JIUJPOJKH: Total Vehicle Skin
  9. 566HJ454HJGF: Get Andy Character free in PUBG
  10. UYSDJKL:LJKLKJ: PUBG Mobile Google

How to Claim PUBG Coupons online?

Often, players keep a voucher code, but they do not know where to redeem these codes and how to redeem them. There are two different ways available for PUBG Mobile coupon voucher redemption. You can either use the Google Play Redemption method or directly redeem vouchers at PUBG Mobile’s official site. Here we have described both methods..

PUBG mobile Redeemption Centre Method

PUBG Mobile Redeemption Centre
  1. First of all, Open your PUBG game app on your Mobile Phone and click on the Profile Icon followed by Character ID. Now copy your Character ID.
  2. Now open your Mobile’s default browser. Type ( URL in the Address bar. Click on the Enter.
  3. After that, you will land at Redemption Centre Page.
  4. Next, the system will ask you for your Character ID, PUBG Redeem Code value. You can paste your Character ID and Voucher code in their respective place. Then fill in the Captcha code as shown in the left side box. Finally, click the Redeem button.
  5. Kudos!, you have successfully redeemed your PUBG voucher codes.
  6. Now again, open your PUBG mobile app. Open the mailbox.
  7. There you can see your UC balance’s successful redemption message.

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Redeem Play Store Codes in PUBG game

Google Play redeem code method is the easiest method for getting UC redeem codes. We have described how you can redeem Google Play redeem, code-free.

  1. First of all Open your Google Play Store App in your Mobile Phone.
  2. Click on the side menu option from the left.
  3. After that, Click on the Payment Method option.
  4. Next, you will see a option “redeem Code” click on it.
  5. Now paste your Google Play redeem Code there and press the redeem Now button.
  6. After that, your Voucher Code balance will be credited to your Google Play Voucher balance.
  7. Now you can open your PUBG Mobile Application.
  8. Choose 600 UC Top-Up>:followed by Google Play Payment
  9. Enter your Google Account’s Password to Complete your Payment.

How to get Unlimited PUBG redeem Code free?

There are different processes and techniques you can use for a free PUBG redeem code. Here we will tell you some cool processes.

Free Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile Free Royale Pass Redeem code

PUBG Mobile elite pass is the best option for getting free UC to redeem codes. You can unlock Royale Elite pass by p[laying daily games and achieving high rankings. Again, you can complete daily and weekly challenges and increase your chance of getting a free Royal Pass Redeem code.

In-game Events Rewards

We hope all of you PUBG lovers are familiar with Moonlight Mansion, Blackpink X, PMGC 2020. These are few popular in-game events of the PUBG game. When you come across these events, don’t forget to claim free redeem codes.

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  • F3JGMRF94XBWELM6: $2 Promo code

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PUBG Free Redeem code Vs PUBG UC hack Which is safer for you?

The PUBG free Redeem code means you want to get a free PUBG game to redeem the code. Again, if you are searching PUBG UC hack, I understand you want to hack and gain an unlimited UC Redeem code. It is purely illegal. But here, you must be cautious about your PUBG ID. If the technical team found that you are doing any illegal work, they will block your ID. So, it’s safer for you not to use any hacked item. PUBG Free Redeem code is not illegal and 100% safe for you.

What are PUBG Redeem codes?

PUBG Mobile redeem codes are 12 digit Alphanumeric numbers issued by the PUBG Mobile team. You can purchase from’s official portal.

How to redeem new PUBG mobile redeem codes?

You can redeem your Pubg Mobile voucher code by visiting PUBG Mobile’s official portal or Mobile Application.

How to Generate PUBG Mobile redeem code for free?

If you are looking for Generate PUBG Mobile Redeem code, you should know that the official site generates PUBG redeems codes. They don’t distribute these codes for free. Other Human or No human verification sites can generate only expired redeem codes. It’s better not to search for these sites.

Final Thought

We have described everything all about PUBG Game redemption Codes. As you know, the everyday number of visitors is hitting this page. Hence, some of the codes may not work for you. But don’t worry, you share a valuable comment to participate in the Lootera Gang Mega Giveaway.

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