Azur Lane Tier List: [April 2021] Fast Loaders Ship Ranked

Are you looking for Azur Lane Tier List 2021 English? Well, you are in the right place. Here get the new list from Tier 0 to Tier 54, 64 lists.

The new Azura Lane one of the most popular side-scrolling shoot ’em up video games in the World. It gained huge popularity within 1 year of its publication.

You’ve probably seen a glimpse of the Navel war through the movie. Sometimes, you might be feeling to participate in such Naval War. Now your dream is going to full fill by the Azur Lane game.

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This Month’s Azur Lane New Tier List

Azura Lane Tier List 2021

There are so many ships are available on the list. Every ideal captain has to choose a strong and affordable ship for navigation. But it is difficult for you to choose a perfect fleet for war. Hence, we are here to help you to choose your Royal fleet for the war.

So, without wasting your valuable time, let us straight navigate to Azur Lane Tier List April 2021.

Azur Lane Game Rule

In this game, you will get two Rows for your ship placement. You can place some specific ship in the front row and the rest ship in the back row. You have to decorate your ships with your strategy.

After implementing your strategy, your enmies will appear. You have to maanage your shipment in such a way that, you can give maximum damages to them.

Below we have created the latest lane list for you.

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S Tier List

Ship NamePlacement location
AyanamiFront Row
AkashiBack Row
BaltimoreFront Row
CentaurFront Row
DrakeFront Row
EssexBack Row
Friedrich der GrosseBack Side
FormidableBack Line
GeorgiaBack Row
I-13Back Side Row
An ShanBack Side Destry
IntrepidUse at Back side Aircraft
King George VBattleship

D Tier

Ship NamePlacement location
FumiruiruFront Line
AkagiBack Row
TanikazeFront Row
EagleBack Line
Shangri-LaFront Row
BiloxiBack Line
NaganamiFront Row
BataanBack Line
U-556Back Row
U-73Back Side Row
HonokaFront Row
KiiUse at Back side Aircraft

F Tier

Ship NamePlacement location
HibikiBack Line
ZeppyFront Row
ChaserFront Row
EagleBack Line
ZeppyFront Row

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