Apple Gift Card Free May 2022: Enjoy $10 iTunes Gift card Free

Are you looking for an Apple Gift Card Free now? Are You Looking for Free Apple Gift Cards Right Now? Well, in this post, we have told you such tricks, by which you can redeem up to a $10 iTunes gift card and Apple App Store redeem code every day.

Apple is one of the most successful and valuable brands in the World. The company has emerged as a big brand in the World for its unique mobiles, laptops, and other electronic devices. The company uses its own developed ios OS on all its devices.

Free Apple Gift Card May 2022

You use Google Play Store to download and install apps for Android phones, Play Music is there to listen to music. Similarly, there is Apple App Store and iTunes app available in iOS.

Free Apple Gift Cards

The Apple Gift Cards are 16-digit alphanumeric letters that are generated by Apple Inc. You can redeem these codes for every product from Apple. For example, if you want to subscribe to the iTunes monthly subscription, then at the Checkout page, you can use the Apple all-in-one Gift Card for payment.

Why Choose Apple Gift Card?

When you observe or celebrate any occasion, you keep giving some items or money as a gift to your family member or any near friends. But now the times have changed, people have started giving electronic digital Gifts, i.e., E-Gift cards instead of physical goods.

apple gift card

And one more thing, if most of the things for online shopping are bought by gift card, then it is somewhat cheaper. That’s why people are now using gift cards in Apple Store purchases or iTunes Subscription.

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Latest Working iTune and Apple Gift Cards

As per your request, we have made a collection of the latest working Apple Gift Cards. You can copy the code number and redeem it in your Apple Store Credits. Else, you can visit to Claim the Credit Balance.

  3. GTYUJHYT6TFR6YU8: $15
  4. AFT7YHUK8UHGF6RE: $30
  5. DRT6YHU8HG6ADR5T: $25
  6. FT8UJIO9GTR5VFR5: $10
  7. XZ9GCYGDY5FMHNZ6: $20
  8. YU78GT6TADFRTYHU: $15

Let me tell you here; you can use all the gift cards given here for once. If you see any error while redeeming the codes, you can come back again tomorrow. Or, you may comment below with your E-mail Address to receive the updates.

Special Gift Cards for iTunes Subscription

iTunes is one of the popular music streaming platforms for Apple iPhone users. You can use the below listed iTunes Gift Card codes to avail yourself of the Free Subscription.

  4. GTRW3YY7U78E34R
  10. GT6Y7U8IKJHY7U8J

How to get an Apple App Store Gift Card Free?

The Apple Gift Card codes are more valuable than other brands’ Gift card codes. Likewise, the Apple brand gift cards also have created a huge image among the people. So, there are a few tricks available on the Internet for getting Apple’s iTunes Gift cards for free. Still, we will tell you some legitimate tricks for the same.

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Viewpoints Free Reward Claim

This is the easiest and 100% working trick for getting Apple Gift Card Free. Well, you have to perform some simple tasks online using the Viewpoints App. Let us tell you Viewpoint App is a Survey App launched by Facebook.

facebok viewpoints

With the help of this app, you can earn reward points by performing some simple surveys. When you reach certain rewards point in your wallet, you can request Redemption. Finally, use that amount to claim Free Apple Gift voucher. If you are interested, then Download the APK from here.

Redeem your Credit Card Points

I hope all of you may have Credit Cards. If yes, one more chance is there for you to claim iTunes or App Store Credit code free every month. For all online and offline shopping or spending, the bank credits a certain percentage of Rewards point in your account. If you want, then you can redeem the reward point to purchase an Apple Voucher code for free.

credit card

If you don’t know the Procedure for claiming the Rewards Points of your Bank, then Type “<YOUR BANK NAME> Card Reward Point” in Google to see the Procedure.

Participate in an online Survey Web

Survey websites and Apps are some of the best ways to generate a passive income. If you want, then you can download apps like Survey Monkey, Opinion Rewards, etc. Finally, use your passive income to find a Free Apple Gift Card.

How to Redeem Apple Gift Card online?

First of all, you need an Apple App Store Account to redeem a Gift Card. So, create an account using your Apple Mobile Phone, then follow the steps to redeem your Gift Voucher.

  1. Firstly, open your App Store App on your iphone. Apple App Store
  2. Click on the My Account icon from the Top-RIght Corner of the App.
  3. Now, click on the “Redeem a Gift Card or Code Link” Redeem a Gift Card
  4. Now there will be two options for entering the Gift Card Code. Choose the Manual Option. Apple Gift Card Code
  5. Finally, enter your Gift Card code in the specified box and Click on the Claim Button. All your funds will be transferred to your wallet.


How to get iTunes Gift Cards free?

Well, if you have an Apple App Store Gift Card, then you can also use it for iTunes subscription.

How many times can I redeem a gift card?

You can redeem a Gift Card only once per account.

What to do if my Gift Card shows an error during the redemption?

If you face any error during the redemption, then check the region and country and try again.

Is there any way to get an unlimited number of Apple Gift Card for free?

Apple Gift cards are not freebie items. It’s counted in the premium and quality product category. No one can offer you an unlimited number of free gift cards.

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